How Does Make-up Affect Your Skin

Make-up is something that has become a routine for every woman who wants to look good. We are so accustomed to it that we don’t actually ask ourselves too often why and how to clean it up from our faces.

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The answer is simple. We must carefully clean all the makeup we have used during the day in order to remove all the dirt covering the surface of our skin and prevent it from breathing and feeling the beauty care and the attention we pay to it. The main types of “contaminations” are:

  • Water-soluble substances, such as sweat, mineral nutrients, organic acids;
  • Fat-soluble substances, such as sebaceous glands’ secretion, dead cells, make-up or unabsorbed cosmetics;
  • Substances that are left there thanks to mechanical superposition, such as dust and bacteria.

Do you have to take into consideration the type of your skin?

Yes, you do. You need to have in mind a couple of facts when choosing the right make-up and cleaning products:

  • Oily skins contain more dead cells. They “like” products that are foamy, such as gels and washing foams.
  • Dry skins prefer milks and lotions when it comes to cleaning.
  • Normal and combined skins should be cleaned with a great variety of products, including plain water.

Should we clean our make-up more than once a day?

There is not a “recipe” for this. The optimal make-up cleaning routine is two times a day – in the morning and at the evening. However, you should not overdo that and abuse your skin with multiple cleaning a day. Do everything in moderation. Regular hygiene and make-up cleaning routine will provide you with a balanced and healthy skin.

What are the biggest mistakes that you can do to your facial skin when it comes to make-up?

  • “I am tired, I’m going to bed right away”

Failing to follow some simple rules when it comes to removing your make-up is a proof that you don’t love yourself. Do not be surprised if you go to bed wearing some make-up on and your skin is paying you off with irritations, inflammations, pimples or some more serious skin problems. Take a regular and proper care of your skin and do not forget that after all, even make-up which can be described as high-quality contains a lot of chemicals and active agents that are perfectly capable of bringing you a lot of problems. Of course, you don’t have to make your skin too sensitive by constant cleaning, but try to make a make-up cleaning routine that you will strictly follow.

  • You are putting too much make-up every single day

You put make-up on even if you are not actually going anywhere? First, remember that heavy make-up is not recommendable when it comes to your everyday life. And second, the best reason to stop wearing make-up every day is to give your skin a chance to relax from all harmful chemicals contained in cosmetics we all use every day. Remember, your facial skin is extremely sensitive and it needs to be treated with the proper cleansing and moisturizing products. In addition, putting too much make-up on will only make it harder for you to clean it afterwards, which means that it is very likely for you to leave some, and this is definitely not healthy.

  • Putting some makeup with your fingers

Applying make-up with your fingers is undoubtedly convenient, but it is not always recommendable. We agree that even some world-known make-up artists sometimes use their fingers in order to apply make-up on the faces of their clients, but remember – they are professionals, after all. So, try to use brushes and applicators when putting your make-up on. One of their advantages is the fact that this way you will be using less makeup and you will be able to evenly spread it on your face.

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