How Your Mind ‘Cares’ For Your Body

A few years ago American scientists discovered that diseases like cancer, a gastric ulcer and high blood pressure are strongly connected with stress and depression. Well, of course these two things do not always lead to such serious diseases. But they definitely have a very negative effect not only on our self confidence and emotions, but also for our physical condition and health. A very simple example of this is the fact that when people feel depressed, they usually eat…a lot! This leads to overeating, obesity and increasing the levels of cholesterol. Before we even know it, our blood pressure has raised through the roof. This is why today the main priority of the psychotherapists is to develop the idea of the connection  between  mind and body.

How Can We Consolidate Our Body?

6555480303 ebf5e62370 300x200 How Your Mind Cares For Your Body   laser skin clinicRelaxation, meditation and visualization. For living a balanced life, experts suggest these three things. Positive thinking is also very important, especially when it comes to diseases. In 2002 a research in the University of Oregon showed that if a person suffering from cancer, keeps on visualizing positive pictures like receiving a cure for the disease, the number of the erythrocytes will suddenly increase and they will improve his/her vitality.

Another interesting fact is that if you improve your eating habits, do some exercises and literally see yourself getting slimmer and slimmer, you will achieve some result much sooner than someone, who is charged with negative thoughts and insecurity. This positiveness sends impulses to our brain that we strongly believe we are able to achieve this goal and we find it much easier  to keep on trying over and over again.

Another Useful Technique is Relaxation

6886331790 b0f27643001 How Your Mind Cares For Your Body   laser skin clinicA lot of people think they spend a great weekend of relaxation lounging in front of the TV with a big, tasty pizza and a couple of beers. The truth is that real relaxation is something very different from this misconception. It includes watching and controlling your emotions as well as modification of your muscle and neurotic reactions.

7676545558 acd00dc5a9 300x199 How Your Mind Cares For Your Body   laser skin clinicA good example and a great way of achieving all this is listening to relaxing music. Especially when you’re alone. Some therapists often suggest their patients lie down and listen to some relaxing music. The Baroque music, for instance, has a very rhythmical bass – around 60 beats per minute. Your heartbeat   gradually synchronizes with the rhythm of the music and causes a deep relaxation. After that the patients are supposed to imagine in details that they go through the whole training irreproachably. They repeat this procedure over and over again, until the imaginable training becomes a real one in every single aspect. A research shows that people, who practice these mind-trainings manage to cope with the therapy much better than the ones who depend only on its physical part.

After all, every person has enough imagination and is able of using it quite well in order to visualize and relax even without music. The most important thing for each of us it to find time for making these relaxing procedures and try to stay positive in order to enjoy good health as long as possible.

Author Bio: Morgan is freelancer blogger passionate about health and business. He works for the best professional cleaners and he is really happy with that. In his spare time he loves to read.

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