Skin Cancer Clinic Melbourne

With the dubious reputation of having the highest incidence of Skin Cancer (Melanoma) in the world, Australians have a responsibility to themselves to ensure the proper and regular screening of any sign of skin discolouration or lesion.

Skin Cancer Screening is carried out at Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne by our Doctor, trained in Skin Cancer detection. We also have a Melanographer who assists in identifying the risk of Melanoma. The skin cancer screening process takes around 20 minutes, is non-invasive and involves a series of high resolution photographs to establish a documented history of each patient and of course to create a baseline.

Any suspect lesions or discolouration are examined with a Siascopy to determine the hemoglobin, melanin and collagen in the skin and help with assessing the absence or otherwise of a skin cancer.

Based on the results of your skin cancer screening the medical professionals at Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne will make the appropriate suggestions or commence the appropriate treatment.

For a professional Skin Cancer Screening contact the Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne on (03) 9300 1244.

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The medical staff at the Skin Clinic Melbourne is trained in the screening, detection and treatment of skin cancer.
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