Tattoo Removal Melbourne

Removing professional and homemade tattoos is a very specialised field and one which the team at Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne have become widely renowned for.

Using the latest laser technology, The Revlite Laser which incorporates multiple wavelengths of light with far more power than any other similar laser in the world, the Tattoo Removal specialists at Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne can safely remove tattoos from virtually any part of the body.

In most cases the tattoo will disappear completely although with some tattoos a minimum amount of ink residue may remain.

Depending on the size, depth and density of the tattoo anywhere between 4 and 8 treatments may be necessary spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

The Tattoo Removal process is mostly painless but in certain circumstances we will administer an anesthesia cream to avoid any pain or discomfort.

There is also a recommended post-treatment care cycle for this procedure and this will be discussed with you by the Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne doctor during your tattoo removal consultation.

By using the most sophisticated tattoo removal methodology in the world, the Nitai team backed by years of experience and medical training can help rid your body of tattoos permanently.

Contact Nitai Skin Clinic Melbourne on (03) 9300 1244 for a Tattoo removal consultation.

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Skin Clinic Melbourne uses the latest laser tattoo removal technology to achieve complete tattoo removal in the majority of cases.
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